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Conisbro Croft, Heads Lane, Hessle

November - Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating

One of the most fantastic benefits of buying a house off plan is that you can change the specification during initial consultation and ensure that things are included in the build which may not have been considered originally. The underfloor heating was not originally specified but was a “must have” for the client.

Keith Saunders, Black Cat Homes managing director, said: “It has been a privilege and an absolute pleasure to work with the owner and her family to ensure that Black Cat Homes provides them with the home of their dreams.”

November - Roof and Windows

Roof and Windows

One of the key stages of any construction programme is when the building is finally made weather tight. During the second week of November we celebrated the completion of the roof and the installations of the windows. This has allowed us to now begin work on the first fix stage.

We had another site visit from the client who excitedly told our director Catherine Melling: “I just cannot wait to move into my new home; I would definitely recommend anyone to contact Keith and Catherine at Black Cat Homes if they would like a house building for them.”

October - Roof and External Walls

Roof and External Walls

During September our bricklayers commenced the work to build the external walls. The team worked through a very warm summer to have the structure ready to receive the roof on 13th October.

The client recently visited the site and said: “As we bought off plan, we have been really excited that we were able to choose the fixtures and fittings. Keith has been very helpful with any requests that I have made since we purchased the property.”

August - Walls to DPC

Walls to DPC
Walls to DPC

Fantastic weather through the end of July and the beginning our August has enabled our ground workers and bricklaying team to progress the development to programme. The concrete strip foundations were cast at the end of July allowing the bricklayers to take the external walls up to DPC.

Catherine Melling, Black Cat Homes director, said: “We are delighted with the progress. As you can see in this image we are ready to cast the floor slab; once cast the building will then absolutely fly up”

Again, on programme the concrete floor slab was pumped into place and levelled on 15th August. A day of hard work for the team on a very hot day paid dividends with the whole slab being cast in one day.

Martin Mist, Black Cat Homes site foreman, said: “I love coming to work every morning. We build quality houses to customers' specifications and, believe me, there is nothing better than that in this business.”

July - Conisbro Croft, SOLD

Conisbro Croft Sold

Black Cat Homes is pleased to announce that our development at Conisbro Croft has been sold, six weeks after going onto the market. The property has been purchased by a local client who is now looking forward to reaping the benefits of buying a new house when it is in this stage of the build.

Keith Saunders, Black Cat Homes managing director, said: “We are delighted to have sold this development. After six weeks, this just cements the level of built in quality and further promotes our growing reputation as Hull's premier house builder.”

June - Foundation Trenches Excavated

Trenches excavated

Towards the end of June, progress at Conisbro Croft is picking up pace. This image (facing East to the rear of the proposed development) shows that the ground clearance/leveling has been completed and trenches to take the concrete strip foundations can be seen appearing around the perimeter of the plot.

Peter Melling, Black Cat Homes PR and marketing manager, said: “We are very excited, the CGI image has been on the Stanifords website for three weeks and we have had a very serious enquiry.”

June - Consibro Croft goes up for sale

Conisbro Croft

At the same time as the contracts were being exchanged, Black Cat Homes also contacted Stanifords estate agents to begin marketing the development. The key to this is our partnership with Advertising Works (Leeds) who have created a Computer Generated Image to help promote the development.

Catherine Melling, Black Cat Homes director, said: “We hope that this image will show people interested in purchasing this development off plan the high level of quality that we build into all of our developments.”

June - Project starts at Conisbro Croft

Conisbro Croft

Following the exchange of contracts between Faith Homes and Black Cat Homes at the end of May, work to clear the site in readiness for the excavation and installation of foundations started on Monday 6th June 2011.

Keith Saunders, Black Cat Homes managing director, said: “The project is expected to last for seven months; we have a projected completion date of the end of January 2012 and we fully intend to meet all of our targets.”